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since April 2000

West Dog Teeth(西狗牙嶺)


Last Visit: 24 Nov 2002


Trip Description

Dog Teeth Range, Kau Nga Ling (狗牙嶺), is one of the famous hiking trail. This trail is absolutely not for beginners. Its perils and intriguing scenery earn the fame.
It lies on the south of Lautau Peak. Since there is no tall object on your south, you can enjoy the great beauty of Southern Lantau while hiking.
As its name suggests, the Dog Teeth Range looks like dog teeth in term of shape and sharpness. One should take great care in attempting the trail.
This range composes of three ranges. They are West (Green in map), Middle (Blue in map) and East (Purple in map) Dog Teeth Range. This page will bring you to the West Dog Teeth.

Location 1: Altitude 220M

The arrow in the picture points to the entrance of West Dog Teeth range. There is a warning post established to deter casual hikers.
We are now gathering right at the starting point. The background is Shek Pik Reservoir(石壁水塘). The route behind the camera man is the fameous West Dog Teeth "trail".
The first 80M is one of most difficult proportions of the route. It is made up of steep and big rocks. One must make use of the little rock cracks to propel upwards.

Location 2: Altitude 450M

This is one of the classic view of West Dog Teeth Range.

Location 3: Altitude 480M

Teeth-like ridges come one after another. It is always windy when you're up on the ridges. Sometimes you may need to knee down a bit to reduce the your exposure to hasty wind.
Here is a relatively flat ridge where you can enjoy 360 degree of non-blocking view.

Location 4: Altitude 510M

This is another emblematic view of West Dog Teeth. You need a wide-angle camera lens to capture the sense of openness of the ridges.

Location 5: Altitude 680M

View of unbroken mountain range hints how much energy you may need for conquering the West Dog Teeth.
Late afternoon sunlight gave Shek Pik Reservoir a golden gown.

Location 6: Altitude 775M

This huge rocky tower stands near the end of the Dog Teeth Range. Don't panic, no one need to climb over this rock in order to finish the trip. Once you reach this rock, you're just 10mim away from the exit. The Dog Teeth Range finally joins the Lantau Trail near Lantau Peak.