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since April 2000

QingTian Gorge (擎天峽)


Last Visit: 19 Jan 2003


Trip Description

This route locates on the southern side of Lantau Peak. It begins with FengDang stream(鳳塘石澗). This stream itself does not give you spectacular view nor crystal clear water pools. It really gives visitors a hermetic atmosphere. The end of the stream is the highlight of this trip, QingTian Gorge(擎天峽).
Many offshoots of FengDang streams are marked by red ribbons. Thus you should not just follow the ribbons, you really have to check your direction at every junction.

Location 1: Altitude 100M

This the entrance of FengDang stream(鳳塘石澗). It is located at water intake 15,16,17 on the Lantau trail.

Location 2: Altitude 110M

There is a 4m tall mini-waterfall guarding this grim stream. This may be the biggest waterfalls you encounter in this stream.

Location 3: Altitude 335M

Eugene was attempting a wet steep surface. In summer, you have to overcome many nearly vertical wet surfaces and the omnipresence of mosquitoes.

Location 4: Altitude 430M

At about 430M, you will find a big "scar" due to previous landslide. If you find this, you can be sure you're in the right track.

Location 5: Altitude 650M

This photo was taken at the bottom of Block Cliff(積木崖) under the influence of mist. There is a narrow but clear footpath at the bottom of Block Cliff. This leftwards footpath is marked by red ribbons. It brings you to QingTian Gorge(擎天峽).
Under fine weather, you can see block nature of this cliff. It looks like as if it was artifically put togather using rectangular rock blocks.
Visitors have to walk at the heel of the Block Cliff to find the passage to QingTian Gorge.
After a few minutes, you will leave the footprint of the Block Cliff and enter an open area where you find this strenous trip to be extremely rewarding: A majestic and prohibitive rock cliff standing on your right. Don't get too excited, good stuffs are lying ahead.

Location 6: Altitude 705M

We are now right inside QingTian Gorge. The photo was taken at the foot of a eccentric rock The Skygazing Rat (錦鼠觀天). This rock is about 15m tall. The last few steps to the Rat head is very scary, not because it is exceptionaly steep, it is because any subtle mistake will throw you down a hundred-meter deep vertical cliff!