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since April 2000

Middle Dog Teeth(中狗牙嶺)


Last Visit: 17 June 2001


Trip Description

Dog Teeth Range, Kau Nga Ling (狗牙嶺), is one of the famous hiking trail. This trail is absolutely not for beginners. Its perils and intriguing scenery earn the fame.
It lies on the south of Lautau Peak. Since there is no tall object on your south, you can enjoy the great beauty of Southern Lantau while hiking.
As its name suggests, the Dog Teeth Range looks like dog teeth in term of shape and sharpness. One should take great care in attempting the trail.
This range composes of three ranges. They are West (Cyan in map), Middle (Blue in map) and East (Magenta in map) Dog Teeth Range. This page will bring you to the Middle Dog Teeth.

Location 1: Altitude 215M

This is the entrance of the Middle Dog Teeth. There is no obvious sign indicating the entrance. It pops out as an opening in the bushes. One could look for a pair of red ribbons (pointed by Green arrows in the picture) in the bushes. The ribbons guards the entrance of the trail.

Location 2: Altitude 330M

After dashing in the bushes and forest for a while, you will come back to an open area. Please be prepared to encounter sheer slopes ahead.

Location 3: Altitude 365M

This is Shek Pik Reservoir(石壁水塘).

Location 4: Altitude 495M

This big rock is painted with 中狗牙(Middle Dog Teeth).

Location 5: Altitude 640M

This is the location where Middle Dog Teeth meets West Dog Teeth. There is a 5M tall cliff standing at the junction. This is called Cliff of Lone Tree (一樹崖). This is so-called because there was a lonely tree sitting right next to the cliff. In my last visit, the tree disappeared.
Looking back from the Cliff of Lone Tree, you can get a overview of the whole Middle Dog Teeth.