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since April 2000

Lin Ma Hang Cave( 蓮麻坑 礦洞)


Last Visit: 2 Jun 2013

NT North

Trip Description

This is a long but not difficult hike. Most sections of the path are clear and gentle rising. Even for the parts with steep slopes, we can have flat surfaces to stand over it. For the mysterious part between Robin Nest and the mine cave, the path is even unexpectedly wide and gently sloped, with difficulty just looks like a normal countrypark trail. In terms of physical strength, it’s someway demanding because we need to go up to the 460m hill top for two times under very hot weather, one time from nearly sea level at the start, and the other time, going back from the mine cave at 180m. It may be boring by going back and up through the same path. Actually, the mine cave is very near to Lin Ma Hang village, from which there is a mini-bus route going back to Sheung Shui. However, Lin Ma Hang village is still within the border closed area. You will probably be arrested if we enter there without a permit.
Although the very hot weather challenges our physical strength, effort we spent is worthy of because it is only this kind of weather that can bring us such a clear blue sky and green hilly view. The path is at the first part when we are going up to Robin Nest is well exposed and especially good to have such views. Just after short while when we cross over the top of Robin Nest, we get a special feeling of visiting a new area as it is previously closed and just open about 1 year before. Navigating inside the mine cave, which is completely dark at the path end is also interesting. All headlamps and torches we brought on the day are fully used.

Location 1: Altitude 10M

The clear village road entering Sheung Ma Tseuk Tsuen is the entrance. We can see a lot of indicating signs here.

Location 2: Altitude 15M

A lotus pond inside the village.

Location 3: Altitude 20M

When we enter the village, we can see a path on the left. Do not enter such path, go straight ahead and we will pass through some village house on the left, at the end, when you see the crossing bridge as in this photo, cross it and you will enter the correct path.

Location 4: Altitude 65M

Let’s enjoy good hilly and sea views when going up.

Location 5: Altitude 140M

Approaching the power tower.

Location 6: Altitude 160M

Viewing sideway upwards.

Location 7: Altitude 220M

Viewing upwards.

Location 8: Altitude 285M

Viewing downwards.

Location 9: Altitude 400M

We are having a rest after climbing up a short steep slope.

Location 10: Altitude 470M

Viewing Shenzhen near the top of Hung Fa Chai.

Location 11: Altitude 455M

Path Junction, the right path is going downwards Lin Ma Hang cave.

Location 12: Altitude 435M

Old double gate.

Location 13: Altitude 390M

Snapshot of the path.

Location 14: Altitude 300M

Viewing down Lin Ma Hang village.

Location 15: Altitude 210M

Shenzhen's building.

Location 16: Altitude 190M

A well like structure outside Lin Ma Hang cave. Features relating to the mine cave.

Location 17: Altitude 180M

Another feature outside cave.

Inside the cave !!!