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since April 2000

East Dog Teeth(東狗牙嶺)


Last Visit: 20 Apr 2003


Trip Description

Dog Teeth Range, Kau Nga Ling (狗牙嶺), is one of the famous hiking trail. This trail is absolutely not for beginners. Its perils and intriguing scenery earn the fame.
It lies on the south of Lautau Peak. Since there is no tall object on your south, you can enjoy the great beauty of Southern Lantau while hiking.
As its name suggests, the Dog Teeth Range looks like dog teeth in term of shape and sharpness. One should take great care in attempting the trail.
This range composes of three ranges. They are West (Green in map), Middle (Blue in map) and East (Purple in map) Dog Teeth Range. This page will bring you to the East Dog Teeth.
Compared to Middle and West Dog Teeth, East Dog Teeth lures fewer visitors. One of the reason is the lower portion of the trail is very obscure and is covered in a forest. Finding the right way would be pretty tricky. However, the middle and upper portion of the trail is very prominent. So people are used to starting the trip from the upper end of the trail.

Location 1: Altitude 545M

>This picture was taken at the junction of West Dog Teeth and East Dog Teeth. The footpath on East Dog Teeth is very obvious.

Location 2: Altitude 525M

Going downhill on East Dog Teeth demands quite a lot of concentration because the footpath is deep and it covered with loose sand.

Location 3: Altitude 420M

The pink arrow points to Location 1 where we start the East Dog Teeth journey.

Location 4: Altitude 200M

We has left the open mountain ridge area and entered the forest area. The path inside the forest is rather fuzzy. After searching in the forest for a while, we finally reached a dry gutter which eventually led us to the exit.

Location 5: Altitude 105M

Here is the exit which is on Lantau Trail.