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since April 2000

Castle Peak (青山)


Last Visit: 25 Apr 2010

NT West

Trip Description

Castle Peak is a significant mountain in Western New Territories. The hiking trail is mainly on the ridge of the mountain. You can enjoy good view on either side of the trail. The mountain does not have lush vegetation. In hot summer time you can find nowhere to hide on the mountain ridge. Maybe due to the lack of lush vegetation, the castle peak hiking trail is sandy in nature. It could be slippery.

Location 1: Altitude 30M

The trip starts from Leung King Estate (良景村) in Tun Mun (屯門)

Location 2: Altitude 170M

We left the cement road and entered the hiking trial here.

Location 3: Altitude 270M

Two strong men posturing in barren landscape.

Location 4: Altitude 515M

A flat top for resting.

Location 5: Altitude 539M

We are now very close the peak where is populated with many antennae.

Location 6: Altitude 540M

This is the landmark of the Castle Peak Trial, a stone pavilion.